Extra-urban services divided into 12 lines for a network of 1,300 km with 56 buses with an average seniority of less than 11 years and about 70 employees. It carries over 40 million travelers per kilometer and its buses travel over 2,000,000 km.

All staff are provided with identification tags

The Company adopts the ISO 9001: 2015 certified quality system and therefore is constantly committed to improving relationships of trust and collaboration with users. Since 1.9.1999 it has adopted a specific code of conduct as well as monitoring the quality of services through an annual check of the level of overall perception of the quality factors and the trend of the complaint phenomenon.

Complaint procedure

complaint is an action by the user to the Company to communicate an inconsistency with their expectations of one or more requirements defined by the Mobility Charter.

suggestion is an action by the user presented to the Company to communicate useful information for the provision of a transport service closer to the user’s expectations.

The complaint is presented in the following types:

complaint for dissatisfaction;
claim for default by the Company;
request for protection, for the recognition of the user’s rights unnecessarily after the deadline for the company response.

To this end, the competent company structure is communicated:

Agrigento via Pindaro, 3 / c tel. 092220414 Mr. Safina

Sciacca Via Lioni, 11 tel. 092521135 Mr. Saints Sabella

Complaints can be made by telephone or in writing (by traditional mail or electronic transmission).

The Company is committed to giving feedback to the user within 10 days. from the date of receipt, indicating the structure or person in charge of the file.