»Art. 1 – Purpose of the regulation.
»Art. 2 – The travel ticket.
»Art. 3 – Rates.
»Art. 4 – Timetables.
»Art. 5 – Baggage.
»Art. 6 – Animal transport.
»Art. 7 – Cancellation, delay, interruption of the trip. Refunds.
»Art. 8 – Rules of conduct and passenger responsibilities.
»Art. 9 – Right to transport and special conditions.
»Art. 10 – Jurisdiction. Closing standard.

ART. 1 – Object of the regulation

  1. The scheduled services of the regional bus lines operated in the territory of the Sicily region by SALVATORE LUMIA Srl, based in Agrigento, Via Pindaro 3 / C are governed by the rules of this travel regulation to which the term “travel regulation refers at the ticket office “affixed to the travel ticket. This regulation is published on the website
  2. By purchasing the travel ticket, the passenger implicitly declares to know, accept and observe the rules of this regulation.

ART. 2 – The travel ticket

  1. The travel ticket must be purchased, before the start of the service, from authorized resellers. Exceptionally, it is possible to purchase the ticket on board the bus directly from the traveling company staff with counted money.
  2. The travel ticket is personal and documents the conclusion of the transport contract exclusively between the Company that ensures the service (hereinafter also referred to as the “carrier”) and the purchaser of the ticket, for the route indicated therein. The carrier’s obligation is deferred to the time the service is to commence. The carrier is therefore not responsible for any theft, robbery, assault or any event harmful to the user that occurs within the ticket sales.
  3. The ticket is personal, it is neither assignable nor transferable.
  4. By “leg” we mean the relation to which the ticket refers: it is identified by the indication of the place of departure and of the destination. The traveler, at the time of purchasing the ticket (ticket or season ticket), is required to immediately verify the accuracy of the data contained therein and that the price paid corresponds to that shown on the ticket.
  5. The passenger is obliged to keep the ticket for the entire duration of the trip and to show it at every request of the carrier’s crew. Passengers found on board the bus without a travel ticket are required to regularize their position by paying the ordinary fare for the entire line, plus a penalty equal to 100% of the fare.
  6. Tickets must be stamped only by the company staff responsible for checking.
  7. The single or return ticket is valid only for the day of issue. If the return ticket is issued for routes in several provinces, it is valid for two days including the day of issue.
  8. The travel tickets that give the right to a multiple number of trips (season tickets) show the expiry date and the additional conditions of use. Any trips not used within the deadline are not refundable.
  9. No reimbursement is due in case of loss, deterioration, destruction or theft of the travel document. It is not possible to issue duplicates.

ART. 3. – Rates

  1. Salvatore Lumia s.r.l. applies the rates approved by the Sicilian Region. The applicable rate is the one in effect on the day of issue.
  2. It is not allowed to carry children of any age. In any case, it is compulsory to purchase a ticket and occupy a seat for reasons of both travel safety and the safety of the child. In the event of non-compliance with the legal requirements on child restraint systems, the carrier is not liable for any damage suffered by the child and / or by those who abusively carry it with them holding it in their arms, even if the damage is causally linked to an event directly. attributable to the carrier’s liability.

ART. 4. – Timetables

  1. All information in the printed timetables is provided subject to change and may be subject to change. Any information, therefore, must be confirmed at the time of purchasing the ticket.

ART. 5. – Baggage

  1. The cost of the travel ticket does not include any consideration for the transport of the passenger’s baggage, transport that is carried out by the carrier only as a courtesy for better user satisfaction, at no cost and at the passenger’s risk, in special UNATTENDED luggage, limited to two suitcases or packs not exceeding each the dimensions of 160 cm and the weight of 20 kg. The accompanying baggage must be deposited, by the passenger himself and under his personal responsibility, in the luggage compartment of the bus which is unattended.
  1. Packages, parcels and parcels are not transported on behalf of third parties or in any case not constituting accompanying baggage.
  2. The carrier may refuse requests for transport of accompanying baggage that are not compatible with the company’s ordinary means and / or that could jeopardize the safety of travelers and travel, as well as the integrity of the baggage of other passengers.
  3. Each passenger has the right to take a small hand luggage of maximum dimensions (40x20x25 cm) with him into the bus cabin to be placed in the special compartments or under the seat, ensuring it does not fall.
  4. It is not allowed to take bulky luggage, weapons, ammunition, flammable or otherwise dangerous and / or noxious material and liquids in general on board the bus. Contraband or illegal goods are not allowed on board the bus. The same prohibitions apply to baggage deposited in the luggage compartment, where the transport of objects of high value is also prohibited.
  5. Passengers who violate the prohibitions referred to in the previous paragraph are personally and directly responsible to third parties and to the competent authorities. The company that owns the bus, however, reserves the right to retaliate for any damage, of any nature, which it may incur, caused by the unlawful or otherwise incorrect behavior of the passenger.
  6. The carrier is not liable in any way for the loss of baggage, whether carried by the passenger inside the bus cabin (so-called hand baggage) or placed in the luggage compartment. The baggage is unattended: the carrier is not responsible for damage caused to the baggage due to the passenger’s fault or the particular nature of the baggage or its packaging. The carrier does not undertake any obligation of custody and supervision of the baggage, which resides exclusively with the passenger.
  7. The carrier, according to the provisions of the law in force, is responsible for the loss of baggage only if directly attributable to it and in any case within the mandatory maximum limit of Euro 103.30 per bag, with a maximum limit of Euro 206.60 per passenger .
  8. Complaints for the loss or damage of baggage must in any case be made by the passenger immediately upon arrival to the on-board staff and subsequently confirmed in writing, accompanied by a regular report to the public authority, within 10 days of the end of the trip, to Management of Salvatore Lumia srl (at Via Pindaro n ° 3 92100 Agrigento or via PEC to, with declarations contained therein sworn under their own personal responsibility.

ART. 6 – Transport of animals

  1. It is allowed to bring animals with you, against payment of an additional ticket, as long as they are small and in special containers, placed on the ground and not on the seat for the entire duration of the trip. The transport of animals can be limited or refused, at the sole discretion of the driver, for needs related to the service (crowding, disturbance of other passengers or safety issues). It is advisable to book the transport of animals by contacting the company to find out about the times and the less crowded rides.
  2. Passengers are required to supervise the animal in tow for the entire journey and are solely responsible for any damage to persons and things caused to the bus, property or other passengers by the animal transported. The driver can ask anyone who brings an disturbing animal with them to leave the bus without the right to any refund.
  3. Guide dogs accompanying blind passengers are excluded from the above limitations and are admitted free of charge on board. Guide dogs are limited to one per car.

ART. 7 – Cancellation, delay, interruption of the trip. Refunds

  1. The carrier assumes no responsibility for delays or cancellations of journeys due to strikes or adverse weather conditions or any other cause not attributable to the carrier itself.
  2. If the service is interrupted by force majeure or by order of the public authority, the passenger has the right exclusively to be brought back to the place of departure, and not to a refund of the ticket.
  3. If the service is interrupted due to a fact attributable to the carrier, the passenger is only entitled to be brought back to the place of departure and to have the ticket refunded. If, however, the carrier assures the passenger the continuation of the journey, the passenger is not entitled to any refund, regardless of the delay. In the event of an accident involving the interruption of the service, the carrier will, if possible, use / replace the vehicle ensuring the continuation of the journey or the return to the point of departure.
  1. If the passenger interrupts the trip by his will or, in any case, by his own action, he is not entitled to any refund or to any service.
  2. In the cases provided for above, from whatever cause they depend, even if attributable to the Company that ensures the service, the latter is in any case not responsible for any damage that could result to passengers.
  3. The carrier is not responsible for the failure to connect with transport services ensured by the same or other transport companies, whether land, sea, air or railway, for whatever reason the delay with respect to the expected arrival time depends.

ART. 8 – Rules of conduct and passenger responsibilities

  1. The passenger is required to collaborate with the carrier for the safety of the journey and the improvement of the quality of the service, respecting the provisions in force for access to vehicles. Users who use the services provided by the carrier are obliged to behave, for themselves and for others, based on the rules of good manners by following the general rules of conduct set out below. In particular, the passenger is obliged to:
    a) arrive at the starting point at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time;
    b) comply with police and health travel regulations.
    c) during transport:
    c1.) observe the prescriptions, warnings and invitations of the on-board personnel, including those that may cause impediments or restrictions in carrying out the transport. In particular, passengers are required to comply with the obligation to use seat belts where present.
    c2.) refrain from speaking to the driver, observe decorous behavior, not disturbing other travelers; do not engage in harassing behavior, singing, playing, shouting, or obscene or inappropriate speech.
    c3.) do not lean out of the windows;
    c4.) remain seated when the bus is in motion.
    c5.) begging among travelers or carrying out advertising and commercial activities, including for charitable purposes;
  2. The passenger is not allowed to travel, and during the journey he can be removed without the right to a refund of the ticket, in the event that he represents a danger to the safety of the transport service as prescribed by the Highway Code.
  3. The passenger must take the necessary precautions and watch over his own safety and safety and that of the people, animals and / or things under his care.
  4. It is forbidden to smoke inside the bus. Violators will be prosecuted according to the law.
  5. The traveling company personnel will not admit passengers on board who are clearly drunk or who disturb the regularity of the service, resorting, if necessary, to the intervention of the police.
  6. The traveling company staff is authorized to let passengers who behave incorrectly or in any case harassing off the bus (if necessary with the intervention of the Police path still to be carried out, subject to any recourse action for any damage caused to the vehicle or service.
  7. The carrier is not liable for damage caused to itself or to other passengers by any behavior of the user that is illegal or in any case not in accordance with the rules of ordinary diligence.

ART. 9 – Right to transport and special conditions

  1. The transport of people with disabilities or reduced mobility is always allowed except in the following cases:
    a) to comply with the safety obligations established by legislation or by competent authorities;
    b) if the configuration of the vehicle makes it physically impossible to embark, disembark or transport the disabled person or person with reduced mobility in practicable safety conditions. In the event that the carrier should ascertain such impediments to transport, it shall notify the applicant, informing him in writing within five working days.
  2. In the event of loss or damage to the mobility equipment or assistance devices, the carrier shall compensate the passenger to the extent required by law. If necessary, the carrier makes every effort to quickly provide temporary replacement equipment or devices and, where possible, having similar technical and functional characteristics to those lost or damaged.

ART. 10 – Jurisdiction. Closing standard.

  1. The territorial court of Agrigento will be competent for any dispute.
  2. For all matters not expressly provided for in these Regulations, the rules of the Civil Code apply as applicable, as well as the sector regulations.
  3. The Company has the right to modify and integrate these regulations at any time. The updated and current regulation will in any case always be available to users at ticket outlets and published on the website