Service Charter



This, in implementation of art. 2, c. 2, of Law no. 273/95, was adopted from 1.9.99 on the basis of the principles of the Directive of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of 27 January 1994 and of the general reference scheme valid for the transport sector attached to the Presidential Decree of the Council of Ministers of 30 December 1998.

The Mobility Charter, filed with the Standing Committee for the implementation of the Public Services Charter, aims to improve the relationship between the Salvatore Lumia S.r.l. and citizens, as users of the services offered by the company. Therefore it aims to:

  • improve the quality of the services provided;
  • improve the relationship with service users.

The company, after setting the quality objectives for the current year, periodically monitors them.
The results achieved are published annually through a summary report.

UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 certified company

The company undertakes to provide its public transport services in compliance with the principles of equality and impartiality, excluding any form of discrimination.

The information principles of the Company’s activities are fairness and objectivity;
the principle of equal treatment is compatible with forms of differentiated tariffs (ordinary and subscription) that are practicable on the basis of objective and known criteria; the improvement of accessibility for certain customer groups (the elderly or the handicapped) is pursued through the progressive adoption of targeted initiatives, in relation to the economic capacity of the Company.

The provision of the service is continuous, regular and without interruptions, according to the schedules; this principle can be conditioned by the intervention of fortuitous cases or force majeure, taking into account, in particular, that the exercise is subject to external constraints, often unpredictable; in particular, in the event of a strike, news about the minimum guaranteed services will be disclosed with the best possible timeliness, in principle coinciding with the hours: 6: 00-9: 00 13: 30-16: 30.

This fulfillment is objectively conditioned by the behavior of third parties with respect to the Company; moreover, in case of need or planned interruptions, it will be possible to use replacement services by giving timely notice.

The Company provides a monitoring system for the quality of services designed to consider:

  • standards relating to company quality indicators;
  • the level of overall perception of the quality factors;
  • the progress of the complaint phenomenon;
  • the degree of achievement of the objectives set by the Company.

The results achieved, with respect to the objectives, are published annually in order to make it possible for third parties to verify the quality level of the service achieved in relation to what is indicated in the Charter.
In particular, by April 30 of each year, the Company prepares a summary report on the results obtained in the previous year.

The Company makes it possible for users to participate in moments of constructive analysis on the main problems of the services produced, favoring the method of comparison between organized representation bodies (Business Associations, Consumer Associations).

The Company, within the scope of its competences, chooses a service delivery process based on improving efficiency and effectiveness and to this end adopts the system of modal cards (company quality indicators), according to the methodology anticipated in Premise.

The complaint is an action by the user made known to the Company to communicate an inconsistency with their expectations of one or more requirements defined by the Mobility Charter.
The suggestion is an action by the user presented to the Company to communicate useful information for the provision of a transport service closer to the user’s expectations.

The complaint is presented in the following types:
a) complaint for dissatisfaction;
b) complaint for non-compliance by the Company;

To this end, the competent company structure is communicated:
Agrigento via Pindaro, 3 / c tel. 092220414 Mr. Safina;
Sciacca Agency tel. 092521135 Mr. Santi Sabella.

Complaints can be made either directly, i.e. by telephone, or indirectly, i.e. in writing (by traditional mail or electronic transmission to the internet address

The staff in contact with users (both directly and by telephone) is able to provide them with information on how to make a complaint.
The Company has prepared special pre-printed forms for making the complaint, characterized by easy comprehension and easy compilation, available on buses and at ticket sales points. In the same form above there is a space for suggestions.

The Company undertakes to reply to the user within 10 days. from the date of receipt, reporting the structure or the person in charge of the file, and to give an answer on the merits within 30 days. from the same date.

The Company informs users that the aforementioned persons are delegated to provide information on claims for compensation for damage to persons and property. Please note that the luggage used to transport the luggage with you are unattended.



The user has the following rights:
travel safety and tranquility (except for unforeseen circumstances, force majeure, done by third parties);
continuity and certainty of the service (except for unforeseen circumstances, force majeure, done by third parties), also through a rational integration between the different modes of transport;
timely publication and easy availability of timetables;
easy access to information on travel arrangements and fares;
compliance with scheduled times (except for unforeseeable circumstances, force majeure, done by third parties);
hygiene and cleaning of vehicles;
efficiency of support equipment and infrastructures;
containment of waiting times at ticket office counters;
easy access to the complaints procedure and prompt response to the same;
identifiability of personnel in direct contact with the public through an identification tag.


The user of the service is required to comply with the following duties:
obtain a valid travel document;
occupy one seat only;
do not smoke on the bus (Article 7, Law 584/75);
do not lean out of the windows or throw objects from them;
do not carry compressed, dissolved or liquefied gas cylinders, flammable, explosive, radioactive, noxious, corrosive or smelly materials on the buses;
compensate for any damage caused to other passengers or to the vehicle by owned animals;
not to disturb the driver while driving, so as not to create an obstacle or impediment to the exercise of his functions;
get on or off the bus only when it is completely stopped and in place with a stop sign;
respect other travelers by avoiding disturbing noise with noises, songs or sounds, as well as getting on the bus in a state of obvious drunkenness or in physical or psychophysical conditions such as to prejudice the regularity of the service and / or damage to oneself or others. In cases of manifest disturbance to the regularity of the service and to other travelers, the staff on duty is authorized to let the managers off the bus without being able to claim anything by way of reimbursement for the route still to be traveled and, if necessary, also requesting the intervention of the public force;
operate the controls for the emergency opening of the doors only in the event of serious and imminent danger;
not to carry out advertising, commercial, money-raising activities on the bus, including for charitable purposes, or distribute flyers, without having obtained regular authorization from the Salvatore Lumia S.r.l service manager;
comply with the provisions in force for access to company facilities;
not to cause damage of any kind or nature to vehicles or company premises;
use the transport infrastructures punctually following the established rules, together with those of civil life, without compromising in any way the safety of the journey and the levels of service for himself and for all other travelers;
exhibit, at the request of the control staff, a document certifying their personal details, remembering that said staff holds the status of public official.

For non-compliance with the rules, travelers are liable to financial penalties and any fines, in addition to the reimbursement of the damages they have caused both to other travelers and to Salvatore Lumia S.r.l. pursuant to and for the purposes of the provisions of Presidential Decree 753/80.

The staff in the presence of non-compliance, damage and liability of any kind, occurring on board, can ask for details and the production of an identity document.

Answers to the 2019 Quality questionnaire
Degree of satisfaction:
1st question (travel safety) 99%
2nd question (supervision of theft / harassment) 98%
3rd question (punctuality and regularity) 98%
4th question (bus cleaning) 94%
5th question (travel comfort) 98%
6th question (information) 99%
7th question (driver presentability) 99%
8th question (driver behavior) 98%
9th Demand (modal integration) 98%